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During Poppositions, Eightfold presented ‘Lucid Ways’, an alliteration by Steye Felix & Astrid Mingels in which they sought the boundaries of known territory and worked in pairs to form a contextualized artistic project.


Lucid Ways acts as both narrative as well as aesthetic atmosphere. Central to the collaboration was pushing the boundaries to their own work and finding conceptual level in cooperation with each other. Thereby ratifying the possibilities of this crossover. The end result of the experiment could be labelled as a snapshot or stage in their own research and work.


Steye Felix (1990, NL) uses abstract works as a subtle interface between conventional concepts, the use of material and artistic discourse. While his paintings are full bodied, rarely transparent and made with deliberate layered brushstrokes, his mixed media installations are transparent, airy and light. Beyond any kind of harmony, Steye Felix makes his work playful and askew. In his most recent project, references can be found to kitschy interiors decorated with fake Swarovski signs and chandeliers.


Astrid Mingels (1987, NL) explores the tension between the material and immaterial/virtual by using installations and video projections. In her work she visualizes the value of ‘subjects’ and connects the recurring concept of still life, the ‘immortality industry’, time, fake emotions and antiquity. In her latest work, Astrid Mingels is drawn to the presentation of the subject of immortality. Acquiring that, is a drive and challenge every artist – perhaps unconsciously – faces.


After Poppositions Lucid Ways II will be relocated at Art Vilnius in Lithuania (June 25-29). The conclusion of the project, Lucid Ways III, will be visible during Sluice_ArtFair, during Frieze in London (October 16-18).